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Introducing Top Ten Home Loans Sunshine Coast

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Free Buyers Guide and Free Property Report

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Get a comparative market analysis on the properties you intend purchasing/selling.

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Free Buyers Guide and Free Property Report Click here to download your free guides!

  • We take the stress out of finding a home loan on the Sunshine Coast.
  • We  take the guesswork out of finding the mortgage and the lender that suits you.
  • We come to you, discuss your needs and find a solution. Just tell us where and when. It’s that simple. And it’s free.
  • We provide a free, personal, friendly service to support your goals – not those of the banks.

Our lender panel offers a huge range of products and features allowing us to tailor a loan package to suit your needs.

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Use an approved Credit Adviser. Here's why:

Credit advisers have experience of the mortgage market, the lenders, their products, processes and policies, saving you significant time and energy on research. Credit advisers will determine your credit situation and have extensive experience allowing them simplify the process and explain clearly everything you need to know.

A credit adviser is able to help you make sense of lender loan documents and requirements – a credit adviser will explain everything in simple language.

An adviser will discuss with you, your borrowing needs together with your ability to support and service those needs, and only choose a product that appropriately suits your requirements.

A credit adviser is able to draw from a broad range of lenders and therefore offer a larger selection of loan products while a bank can only offer you its own products. A credit adviser will narrow down your options and help you choose from a selection of loans offered by several lenders to find the loan that is in your best interest.

A credit adviser has the experience and tools to compare often hundreds of products to find the loan that best suits your circumstances and needs.

Lenders are always offering a special deal. These deals could make a significant difference to your loan repayments and overall success. A credit adviser knows what deals are currently available in the market that may be suitable for you.

A good credit adviser wants the best outcome for you, the client. They will be your adviser, intermediary, counsellor and coach throughout the process.

A credit adviser won’t just coach you toward the loan application then leave you – they will act as your project manager for the entire process until settlement. After settlement the adviser will support your changing needs, assisting when you want to switch products or purchase another property, helping you to achieve your long term financial goals.

Are you:

  • a first home buyer,
  • a ‘next-home’ buyer,
  • an investor,
  • a refinancer,
  • a debt consolidator,
  • a renovator,
  • a retiree looking for equity release?

Call us to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

Are you getting:

  • the right information,
  • the right choices,
  • the right options?

Need help to navigate the financial jungle?    Too busy?    No Time?    Want professional support?

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When you’re looking for a home loan, you could go to a credit adviser or to a bank. While a bank will only offer you its own products, a credit adviser is an industry expert who will take the guesswork out of finding the mortgage product that suits you and your needs.    Click here to contact us!

It’s understandable that credit advisers are now the number one choice for consumers who are seeking a home loan or to refinance an existing loan. Businesses are also engaging credit advisers to help them with their finance needs from car and equipment leasing to loans to help their businesses expand.

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